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Who we are

Located in Santiago de Chile, LAMS is a company that developed the LAMSCAM solution, which incorporates thermal cameras and temperature monitoring software, patented in Chile with intellectual property right No. 2022-A-9059.


Our solution provides remote temperature measurement for industrial, electrical and mining processes.


From the beginning, LAMS has always focused on offering a simple, easy-to-use platform with superior accuracy in remote temperature measurement.


As a technology company, LAMS has successfully passed ISO 9001/14001 and 45001 certification tests from Bureau Veritas. Additionally, the monitoring program was tested by Deloitte using the Ethical Hacking methodology.


Our engineering team is certified in Data Science and Big data, Machine Learning and Advanced Learning Algorithms, Red Hat Linux operating system and we are specialists in Python, Apache, PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS and Industrial Protocols.


In Chile, the main industries using LAMSCAM include the energy, pulp and copper mining sectors, with notable clients such as Codelco, BHP, Anglo American, Arauco, CMPC and more.


LAMS is a premium and diamond partner of the German smart camera company Mobotix AG.

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